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Welcome to Pivot Point Homecare Services, Inc.

img-homeAs we were growing up, we were taught to take care of ourselves, to be independent and to make the most of our lives. However, as we age into our senior years or when we face an illness, we are hindered from being independent, which can lead to the deterioration of our quality of life. Some of us are forced to be admitted into a nursing home, a hospital or a skilled care facility. Did you know that institutionalization is not the only choice there is?

At Pivot Point Homecare Services, Inc., we help individuals stay at home even when they face illness, disability or the many challenges of old age. With Home Care, clients stay at home for as long as their health permits with a recommendation from their physician that they receive structured care right in their homes. The home care services may be skilled or non-skilled in nature – making it easier for clients to take control of the health care they receive at home.

We invite you to look into the option of home care for your loved one or a family member. Please call Pivot Point Homecare Services, Inc. at 774-261-8477 to speak to our friendly staff.

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